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Finding The Right QuickBooks Trainer

Finding the right QuickBooks trainer in Vancouver BC is probably something that is very important to your company. It is likely urgent because you use QuickBooks to run your business. When you rely on such as software, you want to be proficient in it. Not only do you want to be able to take advantage of all that it offers, but you were to create a level of mastery so that you can get as much as you can out of that software. It is because of that that many people head to the Internet and try to find someone who can train them on this popular software that many small businesses are using to track expenses, payroll, inventory and more.

The above probably explains why you are reading this article. You are a company or an individual who uses QuickBooks in their business and you want to get much better at it. You want to become a master level user. You would like to become a power user and then get as much as you can out of it. You want to learn all the little secrets and techniques that you can use to make it a lot easier, and make using it faster and to learn things that will help you run your business on a much higher level. These are all valid reasons to look for a QuickBooks trainer and in a busy city like Vancouver there are a few options available.

When it comes to finding a proper QuickBooks trainer, you have to know that not all of them are created the same. Some of them are really great and are natural teachers, the type of people who could teach people anything. On the other hand, there are those who are pretty mediocre – these are the people were just going through the paces and who do not have any passion about training at all. You definitely are looking for the former and not the latter. You’re looking for an All-Star level QuickBooks trainer who is passionate about what they do, and not only will they be passionate but they will be a natural born teacher. It is our belief that teachers cannot be taught but instead that teachers are are born. Yes, you can take a natural born teacher and improve their skills by someone who doesn’t have a natural talent, they will never be a really good teacher.

With the top training companies, they only seek those people who are natural teachers. People who already have the gift, people who already know how to communicate on a level that allows people to easily understand very technical subject matter. We know that learning QuickBooks is not the most exciting thing but teaching is something that good training firms are passionate about and you’ll reap the benefits both personally (if you’re seeking to advance your career or skillset) and professionally to be able to maximize your staff productivity and allow for better company growth.

So if your goal is to find a really highly qualified QuickBooks trainer, then please consult with Total Corporate Learning in Vancouver.  They offer highly effective training in Quickbooks, Sage 50 and Sage 300 products, and MS Office products.  Visit their website or the map below to learn more at http://www.totalcorporatelearning.com.

How to Find The Best Digital Marketing Firm For Your Small Business

With so much competition in the Vancouver BC market, it is important that small businesses focus on their Internet marketing campaigns to promote their products and services. The importance of digital marketing is growing as most customers can be reached through various forms of digital media like search, social media, video, and paid ads on Google and Bing for example. It is important to hire a good digital marketing firm to take care of your business’s marketing campaigns. Here are some tips for choosing a quality online marketing agency for your business.

Understand your needs

Before hiring a digital marketing firm or Vancouver SEO company, you need to understand why you are hiring them. You should know your needs and your goals. You need to decide on a budget for your marketing campaigns and find a way to measure the success rate of the campaign.

Ask good questions to find out more about the company

By asking them relevant questions, you have to find out whether the company is right for your business. You should ask about the services they provide, their workforce, years of experience, etc. You need to find out whether the company will be able to achieve your target.

Project tracking or reporting

You should set the specifics about how to report progress of the campaign. You must use analytics, tools, etc. to manage the project and keep track of its progress.

Compare various companies

You should compare the services and rates of a number of digital marketing companies to make sure that you are not missing out anything. By comparing, you can be sure that you are hiring the agency at the right price, and get the services you desire.

Check references

By checking out the company’s references, you can be sure that the company can provide the services to help your business grow online. References give you the confidence to hire them. You can rely on their service if they have good references.

Negotiate a good contract

Before signing a contract, you should try to pull your cost down and increase the service value. Make sure that you get the best service within the allocated budget. You should decide on all the little details on terms and conditions before finalizing the contract.

Choosing a good digital marketing agency in Vancouver or in areas like Abbotsford and Chilliwack is like hiring an employee for your business. You need to make sure that they can deliver value for your business. By making a hasty decision, you can ruin the overall image of your company. You may not reach out to many customers and also won’t be able to create a good brand image. So, take the time to hire a good digital marketing agency for your business that takes the time to keep up to date and aware of current marketing strategies and Google algorithm updates.

Wynquest Technical Solutions Ltd. has been serving their local area for over 6 years and counting – to find out more visit their website at http://www.vancouverbcseo.ca.

Wilden Homes for Sale

There’s no question that Kelowna is beautiful city and an exceptional location to purchase property. When it comes time to narrow down which neighbourhood to settle in, one of our favourite areas is Wilden Homes for Sale. This healthy community thrives on taking care of our planet and keeping our earth green. Surrounded by lush forest, beautiful lake views and quiet surroundings, Wilden is the perfect location for families to live a peaceful lifestyle while also being within a short distance to the city’s main core.


There’s plenty of aspects about Wilden that truly make it an extraordinary neighbourhood to purchase a home. One of the greatest qualities is that half of the land is preserved in its original state while the community dedicates itself to parkland, trails and wildlife. The residents of Wilden believe that living among such beautiful surroundings is a privilege and one we should always work to take care of. You’ll even have the chance to get involved in community organizations whose purpose is creating a better future for its members. When investing in real estate in this environmentally friendly neighbourhood, the beauty of nature will always be at your fingertips. Residents will enjoy luscious hiking opportunities, nature trails, breath-taking lake views, canyons along with clean, fresh air. As the locals say, Wilden is “nature inspired living” at its finest.

Clean Energy

Another aspect about Wilden that sets it apart from other neighbourhoods is the ecologically sensitive geothermal heating and cooling system installed within the community. This type of heating and cooling system is equivalent to removing up to 2 vehicles from our roads and planting 4 to 5 acres of trees. It also removes all risks of carbon monoxide from fossil fuel combustion and uses only 17-25% of total electrical consumption of the total home usage. There’s plenty of environmentally friendly reasons why an ecologically sensitive geothermal heating and cooling system is beneficial for our earth and we’re fortunate that the beautiful neighbourhood of Wilden provides such a green living opportunity.

Easy Access to Amenities

There’s no question that the peace and quiet of the neighbourhood is what draws new home-owners to Wilden. However, along with the community’s serene benefits, also comes easy access to essential amenities such as shopping, medical offices, schools, restaurants, and more! In less than 15 minutes, you’ll be exposed to the excitement of Kelowna and experience all our exceptional city has to offer. The best part? Once you’ve explored the exciting businesses of the Central Okanagan, you can go right back to the sweet escape you call “home”.

When purchasing real estate, it’s important to consider the neighbourhood of which to buy in. If you’re looking for an area that appreciates nature and peaceful living, let Kelowna Life Real Estate Group show you why locals love the serene aspects of Wilden homes for sale. Upon your arrival, you’ll realize just how important of a role nature plays in a healthy lifestyle. Ready to start searching for your perfect home in this desirable area? Don’t wait! Contact a reputable agent today from Kelowna Life Real Estate Group to get started.

Four situations where you need a professional handyman

A handyman can do all the little repairs, or home improvement works for you. You should hire a handyman for small repair tasks that you could probably do yourself. For complicated repair works, you should hire specialized people like a plumber or an electrician. Professional East York renovations company can do all sorts of jobs such as plumbing, electric, refurbishments, painting, etc. Let’s look at four situations where you need a professional handyman.

1. Plumbing

A handyman can do all kinds of plumbing services like water heater installations and repairs, sewer works, general bathroom and kitchen repairs, etc. If you find yourself in a mess related to a plumbing issue, like leaked pipe in the bathroom, you should call a handyman. Handyman has the necessary skill and tools needed to fix small plumbing problems. Hiring a professional plumber can be expensive. If the plumbing problem is minor, you can rely on a handyman for the job.

2. Painting

Many people find it fun painting their room or house. But it is time-consuming. If you are employed full time, then it will be not possible for you to find a chance to paint your walls. You can hire a handyman in such situation. Handymen will provide high-quality service and will free you from the hassle of painting. They will do a job much better than you would’ve done yourself, as they have experience.

3. Carpentry

If you want to make a small bookcase or a wooden floor, then handyman can do excellent works. They are the best people for simple carpentry works. They can make doors, flooring, partition walls or even kitchen units. Woodworking requires unique skills that most of us don’t have naturally. Handyman is trained and experienced in carpentry works; so he can do the job well.

4. Electrics

When you get to a new house, you might have to do many DIY job. Those jobs related to electrics are not safe. So, you should hire a handyman for the job. They are trained and know how to perform the works safely. Electrical works are very sensitive. If you don’t know how to perform a repair work, then you might end up with a bigger problem. So, without experimenting by yourself, it is best to call a Toronto handyman for the job.

Not every handyman has professional training or education. They don’t follow a strict work standard like a professional plumber or electrician. So, for complicated jobs or emergency works, it is better to hire someone expert in the field, instead of a handyman. You pay handyman on an hourly basis. So, they are less costly to hire than a professional technician. So, you can save money and time by hiring a handyman for all the little repair works around your house. Call the East York handyman today.

The HandyForce

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Phone: (647) 427-7366
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How to avoid mortgage brokers scams?

It is a reality that mortgage scams are frequent events these days. Many people are falling victims of such scams. For many people, a mortgage is the biggest purchase they will make in their life. So, it is essential that you pick the right Kelowna mortgage advisor. If you want the best Kelowna mortgage broker, let us take care of your needs. In addition, we suggest that you consider the following advice to avoid mortgage brokers scams.

Know the common scams
If any broker asks you to reveal your personal information for providing some particular service, then you should be careful. If a broker guarantees you a low-interest rate without knowing your financial condition or credit score, then you should be careful that there is a catch or something fishy about it. You shouldn’t fill out forms that require personal information or give brokers any fee so that they can start processing your files. These are signs of scams. Scammers try to steal your identities such as your name, address, Social Security number and date of birth. You should be cautious before you give away any of your personal information to any broker.

Don’t pay fees upfront
Scammers usually ask you to pay a fee upfront so that they can offer you a mortgage. They might even tell you to pay a certain amount regularly so that your interest rate stays low for a long time. You must remember that it is illegal to ask for money upfront before providing a service. So, until the broker has done their job, you shouldn’t pay them.

Check authorization of the broker
You must check whether the mortgage broker is authorized or not. You can contact offices where dealers need to register their firm. You can also check their website to check whether they provide legitimate service. You can ask for contact details of their previous clients and inquiry the past clients about the broker. You should check their credentials, such as years of experience, employees, etc.

Excessive loan costs
The mortgage expenses are ‘fixed’ no matter how much you borrow. Your closing cost of mortgage should be between 2% to 5% if you borrow $150,000 or more. Otherwise, costs may be more than 5%. If the expenses go beyond 5%, you should be suspicious. Talk to several lenders before you finalize your deal with the broker.

Scam cases are increasing day by day. The primary reason people fall for it is due to lack of knowledge about the mortgage procedure and the approval process. Now there are many sites where you can find detailed information about the mortgage process, fees, etc. You should thoroughly read them before you go to a broker. You can also ask a representative from your bank about various issues regarding the mortgage. Your mortgage is a huge investment. You should take all the measures not to lose your valuable money in any scam. We are considered as the most experienced group of Kelowna mortgage brokers and we are here to help. Call us today to know if your agent is on the list or not.

Rampone-Marsh Mortgages

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Six Things Every Homeowner Should Know About Home Inspections

When you decide to buy a home, it is highly recommended that you do a formal home inspection. It will give you a hint about the condition of the house, and the will identify areas which need repair or renovation but it is imperative that you hire a certified expert. Kelowna house inspection service provides an elaborate inspection of your home so that you can know about the exact condition of the house. Here are six things home owners should know about home inspections in Kelowna.

1. The Inspector should be certified
Certified home inspectors know how to identify even the slightest problem. The home inspection standard varies from one state or country to another. Doing the home inspection by a certified inspector is necessary. Your realtor can help you find a good home inspector. You can also search online. The inspector should be certified and have all the continuing credentials for performing this kind of works.

2. What does it cover?
A formal home inspection includes several details of the house. These include foundation and basement, interior plumbing systems, electrical systems, heating and cooling systems, conditions of windows and doors, conditions of floors and walls, ceilings, etc. The home inspection doesn’t check inside the walls, septic tanks, wells, and sheds.

3. Who can attend inspections?
Buyers can visit the reviews. This way the buyer may ask any question about the condition of the property if they have any. The home inspectors can even give advice on how to maintain the property well. The inspector will only identify the repair needs or problems of the house. It is the new owner’s duty to repair them.

4. Get an inspection report
The home inspectors will provide a written report on their visit. The report must include pictures of the damaged areas. Once you have the report in your hand, you should make two copies of it. Use should keep the extra copy aside for legal records. You should study the report thoroughly before you make any negotiation efforts regarding repair works. If something in the report is unclear, then you can ask questions.

5. Repairs are negotiable
After the inspection, it must be decided who will pay for the repairs. There are three options. One, the seller can do the repairs before handing over the property; two, the seller can give you the money for repairs; and three, the new owner can do the repairs. After making the decision, you should sign a written agreement.

6. You may walk away after the inspection
If you are not happy with the state of the house, you may walk away from the deal. The only conditions are that the reason for canceling the contract must be severe, for example, extreme structural damage or toxic mold growth; and you must tell about your decision within the inspection timeframe.

Home inspections can take up some time, but it is necessary to your satisfaction. Buying home is a huge investment, and you should do everything properly to ensure that you have made the right decision. Book the best home inspector Kelowna has available before finalizing your real estate deal.

C4U Inspections

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Four common mistakes people make when hiring a digital consultant


Many companies are now hiring digital consultants to help them create a strong online foothold of their businesses. With so many digital marketing agencies available, it ‘s hard to find a good digital consultant who can help your business to grow online. Here are some common mistakes people make when hiring a digital consultant.

1. Not checking their background


Before hiring a digital consultant, you should check his or her background thoroughly. You should look at the educational background, number of years of experience in the field, a portfolio of successful projects, list of clients they have worked for, etc. This will tell you whether the consultant will be able to do a good job or not.

2. Not knowing what results to expect


Nobody can guarantee the outcome of a marketing campaign, but they can guess the outcome. The digital marketer should be able to communicate with you the precise results he or she wishes to achieve through the marketing campaign.

3. Not knowing how long the campaign will continue


With digital marketing, it takes time to reach a particular outcome. The digital consultant must be able to give you an estimate of how long it might take till you see some real results.

4. Paying digital consultants by time


Don’t pay the digital consultant by hourly rate. Pay them once they deliver result. Result based approach will work as an incentive for the consultant to perform better.

You need to avoid these common mistakes when hiring digital consultants. It is important that you take your time to hire a good consultant who can produce positive results for your business.

Five online business trends for 2017-2018


The online business platform is changing very fast. With new technology coming up, new business trends are coming into play. Here we look at the top online business trends for 2017-2018.

1. Improving digital productivity

People will learn to hack their workflow to cope up with the voluminous emails, meetings, etc. They will learn how to detox their workflow so that they can improve relationships and experiences both personally and professionally. They will discover life hack mechanisms to help them deal with various tasks every day.

2. Every company will undergo digital transformation

Companies will invest in technology to compete in the digital economy. They will invest in digital customer experiences to improve the skills of its employees and clients. Social science will help understand how digital trends affect how people communicate, work or shop.Technology will contribute to creating a more adaptive model to meet the needs of the customers.

3. There will be conversational commerce

There will be chatbots who will become your virtual assistant and help you through everything from search to shopping and customer service. You will be able to buy products or ask for services without leaving the chat window. People will be using Google Now, Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Cortana and Apple Siri more.


4. Mobile will transform the web

The internet will be seen as a mobile-only world; so, it will become more personal and dynamic. You will have everything from websites to apps and e-commerce on your mobile. There will be an increase in the real-time personalized engagement.

5. The Internet of Things will get into the Human OS

There are too many products and apps competing to get consumer attention. This is creating confusion and chaos. Google’s Nest and Apple’s Homekit are coming up with plug-and-play smart ecosystems. Developers will be required to plug into Human OS and Human Algorithm and envision the critical activities as a platform instead of the device first products. The smart connected products or The Internet of Things will communicate to users, suppliers and manufacturers about updates and maintenance needs.

Looking at the trends, it is evident that smart technology will be ruling in the coming years as well. So, you should adopt new technology and new digital marketing strategies to stay in the competition.

Three ways digital marketing will help you grow your business


For small businesses in can be difficult to steer through the digital world. The main reason for this is that the landscape of digital marketing is constantly changing. Most customers use Google to find information about something they need. That’s why it has become so important to have an online presence of your business.

1. Digital marketing is cost effective


Studies have shown that digital marketing is more cost effective than traditional marketing strategies. The internet helps people to make an informed buying decision. SEO helps websites to be more visible and social media helps in building relationships with existing and potential customers. All these strategies are very cost effective.

2. Digital marketing can be scaled easily


‘Scaling’ means automating elements of the marketing process so that it can run on its own most of the time. For example, you run a gym, and you have a ‘call to action’ button on your site to download a free booklet on ‘how to burn fat’. The visitor clicks on it and can download the booklet by entering their email address. Once you have their email address in your database, they are sent an email automatically offering free gym membership for a month. Now the customer will be enticed to redeem your offer. This is how automation works.

3. You can track everything


With the analytics features that a digital marketing company offers, you can track how many visitors have entered your site, how many have clicked on the ‘call to action’ button, how long they have stayed on your site, which page was visited by most visitors, etc. This analytics give you direction and help you set your future digital marketing strategy.

With digital marketing, you don’t have to allocate a huge budget for your marketing efforts. Digital marketing has allowed businesses to remain in competition without spending a fortune.