Five online business trends for 2017-2018


The online business platform is changing very fast. With new technology coming up, new business trends are coming into play. Here we look at the top online business trends for 2017-2018.

1. Improving digital productivity

People will learn to hack their workflow to cope up with the voluminous emails, meetings, etc. They will learn how to detox their workflow so that they can improve relationships and experiences both personally and professionally. They will discover life hack mechanisms to help them deal with various tasks every day.

2. Every company will undergo digital transformation

Companies will invest in technology to compete in the digital economy. They will invest in digital customer experiences to improve the skills of its employees and clients. Social science will help understand how digital trends affect how people communicate, work or shop.Technology will contribute to creating a more adaptive model to meet the needs of the customers.

3. There will be conversational commerce

There will be chatbots who will become your virtual assistant and help you through everything from search to shopping and customer service. You will be able to buy products or ask for services without leaving the chat window. People will be using Google Now, Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Cortana and Apple Siri more.


4. Mobile will transform the web

The internet will be seen as a mobile-only world; so, it will become more personal and dynamic. You will have everything from websites to apps and e-commerce on your mobile. There will be an increase in the real-time personalized engagement.

5. The Internet of Things will get into the Human OS

There are too many products and apps competing to get consumer attention. This is creating confusion and chaos. Google’s Nest and Apple’s Homekit are coming up with plug-and-play smart ecosystems. Developers will be required to plug into Human OS and Human Algorithm and envision the critical activities as a platform instead of the device first products. The smart connected products or The Internet of Things will communicate to users, suppliers and manufacturers about updates and maintenance needs.

Looking at the trends, it is evident that smart technology will be ruling in the coming years as well. So, you should adopt new technology and new digital marketing strategies to stay in the competition.

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