Six Things Every Homeowner Should Know About Home Inspections

When you decide to buy a home, it is highly recommended that you do a formal home inspection. It will give you a hint about the condition of the house, and the will identify areas which need repair or renovation but it is imperative that you hire a certified expert. Kelowna house inspection service provides an elaborate inspection of your home so that you can know about the exact condition of the house. Here are six things home owners should know about home inspections in Kelowna.

1. The Inspector should be certified
Certified home inspectors know how to identify even the slightest problem. The home inspection standard varies from one state or country to another. Doing the home inspection by a certified inspector is necessary. Your realtor can help you find a good home inspector. You can also search online. The inspector should be certified and have all the continuing credentials for performing this kind of works.

2. What does it cover?
A formal home inspection includes several details of the house. These include foundation and basement, interior plumbing systems, electrical systems, heating and cooling systems, conditions of windows and doors, conditions of floors and walls, ceilings, etc. The home inspection doesn’t check inside the walls, septic tanks, wells, and sheds.

3. Who can attend inspections?
Buyers can visit the reviews. This way the buyer may ask any question about the condition of the property if they have any. The home inspectors can even give advice on how to maintain the property well. The inspector will only identify the repair needs or problems of the house. It is the new owner’s duty to repair them.

4. Get an inspection report
The home inspectors will provide a written report on their visit. The report must include pictures of the damaged areas. Once you have the report in your hand, you should make two copies of it. Use should keep the extra copy aside for legal records. You should study the report thoroughly before you make any negotiation efforts regarding repair works. If something in the report is unclear, then you can ask questions.

5. Repairs are negotiable
After the inspection, it must be decided who will pay for the repairs. There are three options. One, the seller can do the repairs before handing over the property; two, the seller can give you the money for repairs; and three, the new owner can do the repairs. After making the decision, you should sign a written agreement.

6. You may walk away after the inspection
If you are not happy with the state of the house, you may walk away from the deal. The only conditions are that the reason for canceling the contract must be severe, for example, extreme structural damage or toxic mold growth; and you must tell about your decision within the inspection timeframe.

Home inspections can take up some time, but it is necessary to your satisfaction. Buying home is a huge investment, and you should do everything properly to ensure that you have made the right decision. Book the best home inspector Kelowna has available before finalizing your real estate deal.

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