Wilden Homes for Sale

There’s no question that Kelowna is beautiful city and an exceptional location to purchase property. When it comes time to narrow down which neighbourhood to settle in, one of our favourite areas is Wilden Homes for Sale. This healthy community thrives on taking care of our planet and keeping our earth green. Surrounded by lush forest, beautiful lake views and quiet surroundings, Wilden is the perfect location for families to live a peaceful lifestyle while also being within a short distance to the city’s main core.


There’s plenty of aspects about Wilden that truly make it an extraordinary neighbourhood to purchase a home. One of the greatest qualities is that half of the land is preserved in its original state while the community dedicates itself to parkland, trails and wildlife. The residents of Wilden believe that living among such beautiful surroundings is a privilege and one we should always work to take care of. You’ll even have the chance to get involved in community organizations whose purpose is creating a better future for its members. When investing in real estate in this environmentally friendly neighbourhood, the beauty of nature will always be at your fingertips. Residents will enjoy luscious hiking opportunities, nature trails, breath-taking lake views, canyons along with clean, fresh air. As the locals say, Wilden is “nature inspired living” at its finest.

Clean Energy

Another aspect about Wilden that sets it apart from other neighbourhoods is the ecologically sensitive geothermal heating and cooling system installed within the community. This type of heating and cooling system is equivalent to removing up to 2 vehicles from our roads and planting 4 to 5 acres of trees. It also removes all risks of carbon monoxide from fossil fuel combustion and uses only 17-25% of total electrical consumption of the total home usage. There’s plenty of environmentally friendly reasons why an ecologically sensitive geothermal heating and cooling system is beneficial for our earth and we’re fortunate that the beautiful neighbourhood of Wilden provides such a green living opportunity.

Easy Access to Amenities

There’s no question that the peace and quiet of the neighbourhood is what draws new home-owners to Wilden. However, along with the community’s serene benefits, also comes easy access to essential amenities such as shopping, medical offices, schools, restaurants, and more! In less than 15 minutes, you’ll be exposed to the excitement of Kelowna and experience all our exceptional city has to offer. The best part? Once you’ve explored the exciting businesses of the Central Okanagan, you can go right back to the sweet escape you call “home”.

When purchasing real estate, it’s important to consider the neighbourhood of which to buy in. If you’re looking for an area that appreciates nature and peaceful living, let Kelowna Life Real Estate Group show you why locals love the serene aspects of Wilden homes for sale. Upon your arrival, you’ll realize just how important of a role nature plays in a healthy lifestyle. Ready to start searching for your perfect home in this desirable area? Don’t wait! Contact a reputable agent today from Kelowna Life Real Estate Group to get started.

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